Game Login


The Novopangea game is built on the Wax Blockchain so you will need either of the following Wax wallets to enter the game.
  • Wax Cloud Wallet
  • Anchor
If you already have one of the wallets above you will need to click on one of the wallets that are displayed on the login Splash Screen. As per the previous page you will hit this Splash page if you visit or
If this is your first time on Wax and you need to create a wallet you have two options.
The Wax Cloud Wallet (WCW) is a custodial wallet built by the Wax Team and costs 5 WAXP to open. We have created a video here to walk you through how to open a WCW wallet.
The second option is with Anchor which is a non custodial wallet. If you would prefer to manage your private and public keys then this is the wallet you will want. The cost is $1.99 to setup an Anchor wallet which is built with Greymass. We created a Tutorial video here to setup a wallet with Anchor.
Click Here to see demos on how you can setup a Wax Cloud Wallet or Anchor Wallet.

Game User Profile (First Time Login)

If this your first time entering the game you will also need to create a game user profile. This will only need to be completed once after you connect your wallet for the first time.
Once all the fields are complete above click on "Create Profile" and this will then pass you through to the Game Welcome Sequence.