Version 1.04 Town Hall Level 3

Welcome to the World of Novopangea!

Novopangea is a multi-player economy style strategy game. The game is designed around real world mechanics such as renting land, owning a business and completing jobs. Our community is at the center of the project and are encouraged to interact and support each other to ensure success, however you can still elect to go into this journey without the assistance of others and still be vastly successful as well!

Purpose of this Guide

This guide's purpose is to educate users on the overall concept of Novopangea and give a complete walkthrough on how to play the game successfully. Within this guide you will learn about the different NFT types required to play, game resources, game mechanics, winning strategies and even some Pro Tips!

What is Novopangea?

The World of Novopangea is set within a fantasy universe made up of six realms that share one great land mass. The realms are represented as Earth, Space, Water, Light, Shadow and Time. Each realm has it's own characteristics, art style and backstory. The ever evolving lore is an important part of Novopangea, as it is largely driven by community input. Will the World of Novopangea be a land governed by peace or constantly upset by warring realms? You will decide!
Pro Tip: Currently within the game, no one realm has an advantage over another. Eventually the game will expand to allow each realm's characteristics and benefits to become more visible. Currently new users select their realm based on the art or aesthetic they like the most or the current availability of game assets within the Novopangea Game Hub or any secondary market where Novopangea NFTs are bought and sold.
Players will leverage their Game NFTs to build and evolve their empire, mine minerals and earn the in-game currency, Obsidian. Obsidian can be exchanged within our game for our tradable token, $NOVO which can be withdrawn from the game.
Obsidian (OBSD) - Obsidian acts as our in-game currency. It is similar to cash or money in the real world. Players will earn Obsidian by exchanging their mined resources for it or by renting their land or even simply by working within someone else's building.
$NOVO - $NOVO is designed to provide in-game utility. $NOVO can be exchanged for Obsidian and respectively Obsidian can be exchanged for $NOVO freely. Users can also use their $NOVO to instantly finish upgrading game assets which would otherwise take time, complete daily actions quicker, stake to their district's town hall to unlock game features and more. We'll learn more about all of these features later!

The Goal of Novopangea

Each player's goal is to create their own unique identity within this beautiful fantasy world of Novopangea. Players can choose to build their life however they desire. Think of it as a "Choose Your Own Adventure" novel. The World of Novopangea is designed to give you the choice on how to play, how to grow your empire and who your align with or go against!

There are many roles to play!

Land Owner - Own land NFTs and rent your land to other building owners or place your own buildings!
Resource Building Owner - Own resource building NFTs to produce specific resources!
Residential Owner - Own residential building NFTs for skilled workers to rest!
Skilled Worker Owner - Own skilled worker NFTs to work in resource buildings to collect resources for yourself or be paid Obsidian to work for others!
Many players choose to be fully sustainable and own the entire end to end workflow while others choose to take a hybrid approach while some will focus on just one main aspect of the game. Regardless of the path you choose, the World of Novopangea is yours to create!