Version 1.03 Token release
Welcome to the Novopangea Game Guide. This guide is built to encompass all the features that will be available for those participating in the MVP version of the game release.
Our game guide will walk you through the following:
Getting Started:
Everything you need to know from:
  • Logging in with a Wax Wallet
  • Selecting a Realm
  • Selecting a District to start.
  • District Residency
  • and the Game UI
Adding your NFT Assets to the game:
Here we will cover:
  • How you can get your game assets into the gameplay:
    • Land - How to add a Land Claim onto the board.
    • Buildings - Adding a building to a plot you own or to someone else being rented.
    • Skilled Workers - How to add workers to your own buildings or find jobs in other players buildings.
Managing your In-Game Assets:
This will be a fairly large section as we will cover all the in-game functionality for managing your assets. This will include:
  • Renting out Lands.
  • Setting up Buildings for your own workers
  • Posting Jobs for your buildings
  • Skilled Worker Management
    • Ending a workers shift
    • Feeding your workers
    • Resting your workers
    • Finding jobs for your workers.
  • All the resource payments that are applicable to the above actions
  • Resource storage.
The Novo Exchange:
Here we will cover how you can exchange resources you have earned in the game for Obsidian or if you need Sell some Obsidian to acquire other resources that you might need.