Creature Farms


A Player will be required to send their Creature to a Creature Farm to feed and rest them after they return from scavenging in the wild. Each Creature Farm requires 1 plot of land.

  • Players rent land for their Creature Farms similar to other buildings.

  • The Creature Farm owner will be required to pay 150 energy per Creature's rest.

  • Each Level 1 Creature Farm can rest 2 Creatures at a time.

  • Players cannot currently upgrade their Creature Farms. This will be released in a future update and a Level 2 Creature Farm will add an additional resting slot.

  • Creature rest time is associated with the individual Creature and not the Creature Farm.

Where to Get a Creature Farm?

NOVO Hub for 21 Creator Credits -

10% chance of getting a Creature Farm in a Creature Pack -

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