Renting / Using Land

Here we will show you how to setup your land so it can be used to either rent out or to add your own building

Setting up a Land & Building Contract

Below we will show you how you can set your land so you can either:

  • Use your own buildings on your land.

  • Rent the land out for other players to use.

For the scenarios below you are going to need to access your Lands Inventory. To do that click on the Crate Icon from the District Map. By default the Inventory area opens on your Lands Inventory.

Set Rent for Land or Assign Land to Your Buildings

You can also set your rent from your Inventory. Click on the "Inventory Icon".

From the Land, Inventory screen Click on "Set Rent" for the land plot that you want to set the rent for.

The set Rent Modal will appear and you can either check the box "I plan to be the building owner" box if you plan to use the land. Upon checking the box you will see the Set Rent now changes to 0.

If you want to use the land to be available for other players leave the box unchecked. Rent is fixed at 2 OBSD for the MVP version of the game. We will update the guide when that changes.

You will need to spend 50 Materials in order to get your land ready to be rented or if you plan to use it with your own building.

If you left I plan to be the building owner unchecked then your land will show that its available for rent to other planers. This will stay available for rent until another player adds their building. At that time the land contract timer of 7 days will begin.

Cancel a Land Contract

Ok you just had your first "oh s**t" moment and realized that you checked the wrong box on the land contract. Don't stress you can cancel the land contract and get your 50 materials back and start again.

So for this plot below we did not check to use our own building and its current been listed as available for rent. What are your options to fix this?

First thing we need to is click on the plot so we can see the Land Plot #. In this case its 67536. At the time of writing we have not added linking back to the inventory from this modal view but this will be coming.

Click on on the Inventory Icon and then locate Plot #67536.

Simply click on "Cancel Land Prep" and the land will then be returned to the Land Claim state. Your 50 materials will be returned to your storage.

You can then click on "Set Rent" and go through the same steps above to set the modal correctly.

Remove a Building from Your Land

If a player is renting your land and they have not removed the building you have the ability to remove it yourself so you can get your land back to being active in the game. In this scenario below the "Remove Building" button is displayed.

You can click Remove Building and it will remove the other players building off of your land. Once the building is removed the land will then show the Set Rent or Remove Land Buttons. You can then simply set the rent as per the instructions at the top of this section of the guide.

Bulk Set Rents for Land

You can now set your Land Rent for multiple land plots at once. This is a huge time saver for if you own multiple pieces of land.

In the example below there are three pieces of land that need to have rent set.

By clicking on "Set All Land Rents" the Bulk Set Land Rent modal appears. Here you can check if you plan to use the lands yourself for your own buildings or you can click the "+" to set your rent. 2 Obsidian is the base floor for Land Rent costs. If you plan to use the land for your own buildings the Rent cost will be 0.

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