Land for Rent Board

Finding Lands Available for Rent

For players that don't have land and are looking to find plots for their buildings to rent, you will want to click on the "Missions Icon".

Once you enter the "Earn Board" you can click on "Land for Rent" you can see quickly if there are any plots available for Rent. You can simply click "Add Building" and that will trigger the Building Modal.

The lands with the highlighted purple border are the lands own by you, that have the rent set. The other lands belong to other users. You can choose to claim one of your lands or the other lands from the community

You can then click "Stake Building". By signing the contract you are staking your building on the land of another player for 7 days. The contract will send the rental amount in Obsidian from your storage to the other players. If you do not have enough Obsidian in your storage you will receive an error. Once the contract is executed your building will then be added to the vacant plot you selected from the "Land For Rent" board.

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