District Map

Land Setup for Owned Buildings

To prep your land so you can add one of your Building NFTs simply click on the desired plot. It will have a fence around it.

The "Sent Rent" Modal will appear.

If you want to use this plot for your own building check the box "I plan to be the building owner". You will see that the rent changes to 0 Obsidian as you don't need to pay rent as you are using your own land. You will need to pay 50 Materials resources to prep your land so make sure you have 50 materials in your storage.

Once the contracts are signed the land plot will now show an "Occupied" sign on the plot.

Setting Up the Land to be Rented.

Click on one of the land plots you chose as per the steps above. Rather than checking the box, I plan to be the building owner, and leave that box unchecked. For MVP the default rent will be set at 2 Obsidian. Post MVP we will allow players the freedom to set their own rent.

Once you click submit the land plot will now display a sign with the rental fee you are charging.

Accessing Plots that are blocked by other Buildings

From the main map click on the eye icon that has a line through it. You can find it located next to the main Realm icon.

By clicking on it it will remove the top of all buildings off of the map so you can access any land that might be hiding behind a tall building.

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