Add / Remove Building NFTs

Below we will go through the steps on how to add your Building NFTs from the Inventory UI. Start by click on the "Inventory Icon" below from the District Map.

Adding a Building to a Land Plot from your Inventory

Another way that you can start the process of adding a Building is through your Buildings Inventory. Open your inventory by clicking on the "Crate Icon" in the main UI.

Click on "Select Plot" and it will take you back to the District Map.

When you return to the District Map you will see that all the plots are greyed out except for the ones that are available to Add a Building. These are both plots you own as well as other players that have plots open for rent.

You can then click on one of the plots that you like and the Building Modal will appear. Click on "Stake Building", Sign the contract and your building will be added to map.

Remove Buildings from Land

If you are renting your building from a Land Owner or if you own both the Building and the Land and you simply want to remove the building off a particular plot you can. Once the land contract ends you can click on "Remove Building" and the building will be removed from the plot. If you have multiple buildings you want to remove simply click on "Remove All Buildings" and all your buildings will be removed either off Land Plots you own or from other Players Land plots.

As we mentioned in the Renew Land & Building Contracts section only Land owners who are using their own building can renew a contract at the end of their rental contract. If you are renting another players land you will always need to use the "Remove Building" action and then re-add the building to the game.

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