Add / Remove Land NFTs

Below we will go through the steps on how to add your Land Claim NFTs from the Inventory UI. Start by click on the "Inventory Icon" below from the District Map.

Adding a Land Claim from your Inventory

Another way that you can add a Land Claim to the District map is from your Inventory. By clicking on the "Crate icon" you will be taken to your Inventory. From here you will be able to see your Land, Buildings, and Skilled Worker NFTs.

Land that has been added to the game will have a Lock icon above it. So in this example above the player has added their land to the game but they have not added the Land Claim to a District in the game. If your land does not have a lock it means that the NFT is available to you in your Custodial or Non Custodial wallet and could be added sold on secondary market if that was what you were wanting to do

If you want to close the view with the greyed-out filter click on the "Cancel" button as highlighted above.

From here you can click on one of the vacant plots and the Land Modal will appear.

Click on "Stake Land", sign the contract and the land will be taken as indicated with a fence around it. as per the image above.

Removing Land the Plot

If you decide that you no longer want your land claim NFT associated with the specific plot you selected you can click into your inventory and remove the Land Claim NFT. Click on the Inventory Icon

Head to your Land tab and find the plot you want to Unstake. Click on the Unstake button and sign the contract.

The Land Claim NFT will be removed from that specific plot and the plot will become vacant.

Your land NFT is still in the game and it can now be moved to a different plot.

To remove your NFT completely from the game Click here to review how.

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