Obsidian (OBSD) is the main in-game currency of Novopangea. Players will earn obsidian from other players by renting them land, adding their skilled workers to their resource buildings or renting their residential buildings to other players skilled workers. Players can also exchange energy, building materials and food for obsidian in the NOVO EXCHANGE. Players will also need OBSD to upgrade their NFTs and storage units.

Energy is produced by the Energy Mine NFTs. Energy is needed to power all buildings.

Building Materials is produced by the Materials Factory NFT. Building materials is needed to prep land for rent, maintenance for each skilled worker shift and to upgrade building NFTs and storage units.

Food is produced by the Food Facility NFT. Food is needed for each skilled worker to eat between shifts. Food is also needed to upgrade skilled workers.

$NOVO is our token that can be purchased on Alcor or exchanged in the game with OBSD. $NOVO is designed for in-game utility. Players can stake $NOVO to their district town hall to unlock game features. $NOVO is also used to finish upgrades instantly and send your skilled workers to work faster. The team is continuing to add additional in-game use cases for $NOVO.

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