Renew Land & Building Contracts

We will walk you through the steps of how to new your land contract.

Renew your Land & Building Contract(s)

If you have added your own building to a piece of land you own you will have the option to renew both the land and building contract. The only caveat here is that you need to ensure there are no dormant workers still inside your building from a previous shift. If they are then the "Renew" button as seen below will not be displayed. You will need to click on the buildings icon and then click on "Empty all buildings".

By simply clicking "Renew" for a specific land you can renew your existing land claim and the 50 materials will be deducted. The 7 day land contract period will restart and your building that's already on the land will be ready for you to set the wage contract.

Please note that the renewal option only applies to land owners that are using their own buildings. If you are a building owner that is renting the land from another player you will need to remove your building from the land at the end of the 7 days or the land owner will remove your building themselves. We cover this in the Building management section.

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