Skilled Workers

How to Unstake Skilled Workers from the Novopangea Game

To unstake a Skilled Worker asset from the game you will need to head into the Skilled Worker Inventory.

Click on the Inventory Icon from the main District Map then Skilled Workers

Click on the image of the Skilled Worker you want unstake from the game.

A modal will appear showing specific details of your NFT. If the Skilled Worker is not active in the game ie. Has not been been assigned to a building or does not need to be fed or woken up then it can be Unstaked from the game. Click on the "Unstake" button. The NFT will now go back from the NOVO wallet to your wallet.

When Unstaking is Not Available.

If a Skilled Worker is attached a building or the Skilled Workers still needs to eat or be woken up then the asset is live in the game. You will see as per the image below that the "Unstake" button is not clickable.

You will know your Skilled Worker is unstakable from the game when you see the "Find Assignment" button listed underneath. If any other button or timer is displayed under the cart then the Skilled Worker is still active in the game. Those game actions will need to be completed before the Skilled Worker returns to the Find Assignment state.

Once Find Assignment appears click the skilled worker image and you can click the live Unstake button to unlock it from the game.

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