Resource Income & Expenses

Below you will find a summary of all the various Incomes and Expenditures with the game play for our MVP release. This is for Level 1 Buildings and Level 1 Skilled Workers.

Income (Earnings below are in Obsidian)

SourceOBSD Amount

Rental Income

2 OBSD (per week)

Wages Received

1 OBSD (per shift)

Resources Received

Building TypeResoures Received

Energy Mine

200 NOVOE (Energy) per shift

Materials Building

200 NOVOM (Materials) per shift

Food Facility

200 NOVOF (Food) per shift

Expenses by Resource


SourceObsidian (OBSD) Amount

Wages Paid

3 OBSD (per set of 3 shifts)

Rental Income Paid

2 OBSD (per week)


SourceEnergy (NOVOE) Cost

Skilled Worker Shifts

45 NOVOE (per set of 3 shifts)


SourceMaterials (NOVOM) Cost

Skilled Worker Shifts

45 NOVOM (per set of 3 shifts)

Land Prep Costs

50 NOVOM (paid weekly per land)


SourceFood (NOVOF) Cost

Food for Skilled Workers

15 NOVOF (per worker after each shift)

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