You have selected your Realm and your District and now you are ready to go. Let's go ahead and add some land to the game.

The First thing we need to do is select the plot we want.

Once we click on the plot the "Land Plot Modal" will appear. Now we can add a Land Claim to the open plot. Clicking "Stake Land" and the land claim will be added to the plot you selected.

Once you sign the contract a fence will appear around your plot. This will let everyone know in the District the land is taken.

Click below to learn how to prep your land so you can add your own building as well as renting your land out to other building owners.

Land Management

Staked vs Unstaked Land Claims in the Game.

To unstake a Land Claim completely from the game click below to see the instructions.

Players will always have visibility to their Land Claim NFTs inside of the Novopangea game play. When a Land Clam is assigned to a Land Plot for first time a safe icon will appear at the top of the card. This indicates to the player that the Land Claim NFT is now Staked to the Novopangea game. This means that the NFT is not active in your own custodial or non custodial Wax Wallet.

When a card does not have a lock icon like the image above on the right. It means that either the card is not staked to the game yet or it has been unstaked from the game.

After you stake your Land Claim NFT for the first time by clicking "Select Plot", we will keep it in the game and not transfer it back to you until you specifically request to "Unstake" the Land Claim. This will help improve the CPU usage.​

To unstake a Skilled worker completely from the game click below to see the instructions.


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