District Map

Setting Wages

To set the wages for one of your buildings click on the building on the District Map.

The "Set Wage Modal" will then be displayed. You will need to determine if the building is for your own team of Skilled Workers or if you plan to use others. Check the box if you are using your own or leave it unchecked to use others.

There is a max cap of 3 Skilled Workers per shift. You will need:

  • 3 Obsidian

  • 45 Energy Resources

  • 45 Building Materials

This covers the cost to fill three shifts. Once the 3 Shifts have been completed you can add more Skilled Workers by clicking on the building and repeating the Set Wage steps.

Using the Building Filter

If the board is getting cluttered and you want to see your lands quickly you can use the "Building Filter" which is next to the realm icon. The filter makes it easy to see which buildings are yours on the District Map by illuminating the land plot and buildings.

All other assets will be greyed out as per the image below. This is really helpful when the game board starts to get busy and you want to find your assets quickly. Below there are three different illumination examples.

Example 1 where the land square and the building are illuminated. This indicates that you own both the land and the building in this example.

Example 2 shows the land square illuminated but the building is grey. This indicates that you own the land and your land is being rented by another player for their building.

Example 3 shows the building illuminated only. This indicates that you are renting land from another player and you have added your building to their land.

Renewing a Building after Expired Land Contract

If workers are still present in the building the "Renew" button will not be displayed on the modal. You will need to click on the Inventory Icon from the main map, Building Inventory followed by "Empty All Buildings" as per below. This will remove any Skilled Workers out of your buildings where the shift has ended.

You can return to the map by clicking on the title of the building or by clicking the "x" on the right hand side of the UI. Once you click on the building in the Map view you will see the modal now displays the "Renew" button. Clicking and signing the contract will subtract 50 Materials from your storage. Your building will now be ready to establish a new wage contract so you can then add your own Skilled workers or make the building available to other players to add their Skilled Workers.

Removing a Building at the Expiration of the Land Contract.

Once the seven day land contract expires you will also have the option to simply remove the building. Simply click on the building you want to remove and if the land contract has expired the "Remove Building" button will be displayed.

Click on Remove building and sign the contract. Once the building is removed the land will return to the Plot State so that the land contract can be re-established.

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