NOVO Token

$NOVO token can be acquired in-game or through Alcor exchange since February 28th 2023.

Get NOVO token from Novo exchange

To access the Novo Exchange Click on the Novo Exchange Icon, bottom left on your screen.

Click on $NOVO Swap tab at the top.

Here you will find 4 windows :

  1. Exchange your $NOVO for Obsidian. This is an in-game action, $NOVO has to be in-game and is swapped Obsidian.

  2. Exchange your Obsidian for $NOVO. Same as above but the other way.

  3. Here is where you can deposit $NOVO from your WAX wallet to the game. You can deposit as much as you want.

  4. Withdraw $NOVO here. You are able to withdraw same quantity of $NOVO you have stake in Town Hall every 2 weeks (14 days). There is a withdraw fee of 5%.

NOVO/OBSD rate is fixed at 1/3 (1 $NOVO for 3 OBSD)

OBSD/NOVO rate is fixed at 3/1 (3 OBSD for 1 $NOVO)

Get your $NOVO tokens here !

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