Residential Buildings

The Residential Buildings are the places where the Skilled Workers will need to go to rest when their working shifts are over.


The Residential Buildings are working similar to the Resource Buildings.

While the Resources Buildings represent the workplace of the Skilled Workers, the Residential Buildings represent the place where they rest after completing their working shifts.

Unlike Resources Buildings, where there is a wage that Skilled Workers receive for their work, in the case of Residential Buildings, the Skilled Workers will have to pay a rent in order to benefit from residential services.

Business Rules

  • Each rental contract period is 7 days

  • You will be able to renew a Residential Building land rental contract if you are also the land owner

  • You will be able to renew a Residential Building land rental contract when the rental contract is over or if there is less time than that buildings rest level left in the land rental contract

  • Any level Skilled Worker can go into any Residential Building (ie: a level 3 Skilled Worker can go in a level 1 Residential Building)

  • As you upgrade your Residential Building, the rest time will decrease or capacity will increase

  • A Speed Up added to a Residential Building will affect each Skilled Worker's rest assigned to that Residential Building

  • Each rest will cost the residential business owner 15 energy

Show all Residential Buildings in the district

  1. When in another Realm, you can click the "Home district" button and it will get you in your home district

2. You will see all the Residential Buildings from the district if you click the "Show all residential buildings" filter

Skilled Worker Flow

  1. The Skilled Worker is assigned to a Resource Building to work

  2. The Skilled Worker shift is complete

  3. The Skilled Worker needs to be added to a Residential Building. This is where the Skilled Worker owner will need to feed their worker (with NOVOF) and pay for the rest (with OBSD)

  4. The Skilled Worker needs to be awaken from Residential Buildings

  5. The Skilled Worker is ready be assigned again to a Resource Building

Add Skilled Worker to a Residential Building – Preselecting Process

  1. The name of building​

  2. The username of building​

  3. The level of building​

  4. The number of vacancies in the Residential Building​

  5. The costs per rest at Residential Building​

  6. The Skilled Worker NFT Cards​ :

  • The mint #​ number

  • The Skilled Worker's level​

  • The image of the Skilled Worker

  • The title of the Skilled Worker

  • The food cost for feeding for that level Skilled Worker

  • The "Select" button to select the Skilled Worker

7. The button to add the Skilled Workers​ to the Residential Building​. It will be greyed out until the Skilled Workers​ are selected​

Add Skilled Worker to a Residential Building – Selecting Process

  1. Select the Skilled Workers you want to add to the Residential Building

  2. The "Add Skilled Worker(s)" button becomes active once you selected the Skilled Workers

Add Skilled Worker to a Residential Building - Confirm Costs Modal

  1. The Modal Title​

  2. The summary of the Skilled Worker's costs being added. This will show the number of the Skilled Workers for that level and the appropriate costs for Food and Obsidian

  3. The total cost to be spent

  4. The "Rest Workers" button - to Feed and Rest workers. The resource costs are then deducted from the Skilled Workers owner if successful. This is where when we will deduct the energy cost from the Residential Building owner also. If the Residential Building owner doesn’t have enough energy, the user will be presented with an error message

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