The first time a user adds a Building into the game it will be transferred to the NOVO wallet. We will keep the Building NFT in the game until someone takes a specific action to "Unstake" it from the game. At this time the Building NFT will be transferred from the NOVO wallet back to the user’s wallet.

Adding a Building to a Land Plot You Own.

The first step will be to locate one of the plots of land that belong to you. You will need to establish the Land contract on the plot. Review the Lands Management "District Map" section to see how to setup your land so it can show as "Occupied'.

Clicking on the "Occupied" land plot will trigger the "Building Modal". From there you can click on "Stake Building" and sign off on the contract actions to add the building to the land.

Adding a Building to a Land Plot that's Available for Rent.

If you don't own land but own a building you can find a person that has their land available for rent. On the District Map look for plots that have a rental amount listed on their plot sign as per the image below.

Once you click on the plot the "Building Modal" will appear. It will show you the Plot # and the current owner as well as the Rent for the 7 Day Agreement. In this example, the cost is 2 Obsidian (OBSD) so you will need to have 2 Obsidian in your storage to pay the land owner. The contracts will then execute and your building will be added and 2 OBSD sent to the land owner.

To learn more about managing your buildings click the link below.

pageBuilding Management

Staked vs Unstaked Buildings in the Game.

Players will always have visibility to their Skilled Worker NFTs inside of the Novopangea game play. When a Building is assigned to a building for the first time a safe icon will appear at the top of the card. This indicates to the player that Building NFT is now Staked to the Novopangea game. This means that the NFT is not active in your own custodial or non custodial Wax Wallet.

When a card does not have a lock icon like the image above on the right. It means that either the card is not staked to the game yet or it has been unstaked from the game.

After you stake your Building for the first time by clicking "Select Plot", we will keep it in the game and not transfer it back to you until you specifically request to "Unstake" the "Skilled Worker". This will help improve the CPU usage.​

To unstake a Skilled worker completely from the game click below to see the instructions.


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