Novopangea NFTs

Let's learn about the NFTs of Novopangea

Story Card NFTs

To date, Novopangea has released three sets of NFT card packs that contain story cards (Sketch, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2). The story cards allow Players to discover the world and lore of Novopangea. The story card art is very detailed and on the reverse side of each card you will find more lore about the story.

Sketch cards were in our first pack release and came in 3 rarities (Studio, Gallery and Museum). You can see examples of those cards in the image below.

Chapter 1 and 2 Story cards come in 5 rarities, which expand on the art and story of Novopangea. You can see examples of those cards also in the image below.

Each of these cards, Sketch and Story, have an assigned Creator Credit value. Creator Credits allow players to trade in their Sketch and Story cards for specific game assets in our marketplace known as the NOVO Hub. Values of each card and rarity can be seen in the image below.

Learn more of our Creator Credit concept here

Certain Promo, Sketch and Story cards have additional utility. Gold Promo, Museum Sketch, and then Epic, Legendary and Mythic Story cards can alternatively be used speed ups within the Novopangea game. The Mythic Story card can also be used as a Universal travel pass that will allow players to travel to any of the six realms without having to obtain individual Travel Passes.

Game Asset NFTs

Land NFTs

Each realm has their own land claim NFT. Each land claim NFT will allow for 1 building to be placed on it. Players will stake the land claim onto a plot of land in a Realm's district. Players will be able to unstake and move their land claim to another plot if they decide too. All land claims are the same rarity and cannot be leveled up.

Resource Buildings

The resource buildings are upgradeable. Each level upgrade unlocks additional advantages like a higher capacity and level skilled workers that can work in your building to mine more resources.

Energy Mines

Energy is used to power buildings and can be exchanged for OBSD in the NOVE EXCHANGE.

Materials Factory

The Materials Factory produces building materials that is used for shift costs, prepping land for rent, building upgrades and more.

Food Facility

Food Facilities produce food that skilled workers need to eat between shifts and to upgrade their level.

Residential Building

Skilled workers need to rest in a residential building between shifts. Each residential building can be upgraded, which will either increase that building's capacity or decrease the skilled workers rest time.

Skilled Workers

Skilled workers are heart of the Novopangea economy. Skilled workers are needed to work in the resource buildings to earn resources for the building owner. Each skilled worker can be upgraded. Each upgraded level will increase the skilled workers yield production.

Travel Pass

A player will need a travel pass to access a realm that is not their home realm. A player will need a different travel pass for each realm.


This NFT can be redeemed for 100 OBSD in the game.

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