Alcor exchange

How to use Alcor

Alcor is a decentralized exchange that allow projects to list their tokens on several supported blockchain, such as WAX the one we use for Novopangea game.

Link to the exchange :

Our $NOVO Token is listed here on the pair NOVO/WAX.

Access Alcor exchange with the wallet you use on WAX blockchain.

Alcor market

On Novo Exchange, you can access Alcor market trade by clicking on Buy $NOVO.

You will be redirected to : This is where you can trade your $NOVO token for $WAXP token.

  • Put buy or sell orders with Limit trade, to get your desired price.

  • Buy or sell instantly with Market trade, be careful of spread based on order book fill.

  1. This is the order book, you can see all waiting peoples trades. It is where your order will appear if you put a Limit trade.

  2. This section represent NOVO/WAX chart and so the current $NOVO price against $WAXP

  3. Here you can find all past trades that happened on Alcor market.

  4. This is where you can put your limit orders : buy or sell. Or if you want to trade instantly you can go to Market trade, on the tab right next to Limit trade.

Alcor swap

Swap is most of the time more user friendly for most of people.

You can access it on Alcor trade market by clicking on swap next to Limit trade and Market trade. Or by this link :

Swap exchange is represented as follow.

You can see different parts :

  1. Trade your tokens here. You can click the arrow to change the trade direction. You can also provide liquidity, and remove your liquidity here. The more liquidity, the more price is stable. If you are not used to liquidity providing and risks, make sure to inquire before.

  2. Here are bunch of informations about the trade. Minimum Received : Amount of tokens received for your trade. Rate : Current exchange rate for the trading pair. Price impact : how the price will move after your trade. Slippage : Spread tolerance, the maximum difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed. Liquidity Source Fee : Are the fees taken from your trade to give it to the liquidity providers.

  3. Liquidity pool informations, you can see the price, current liquidity, and volume on different time units.

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