Game Interface

Once you enter the Novopangea interface for the first time you will be greeted with the District Map. Let's go through each of the icons from the Map and what functions they support for the District Map Game Interface.

  1. Player Level: The number in the left hand corner distinguishes the current level you are at. This is also where you can access your Player Profile. Inside the Player Profile you can see your storage as well as Upgrade your storage.

  2. Resources interface. Here you can see how much Obsidian, Energy, Materials, and Food you have available. You will also be able to see how much $NOVO you hold when Novo becomes available.

  3. Your Inventory: The crate icon is what you will click on to view your current inventory. Inside your inventory, you will be able to view all your Land, Building, and Skilled Worker NFTs that are available.

  4. Land for Rent / Jobs Available: If you are looking to Rent Land or Hire Skilled Workers the Missions Icon is what you can click to see what's available.

  5. District Map: The main screen is know as the District Map. There are 200 plots on the map representing individual parcels of land owned by Novopangea players. In the center of the map, there are an additional 25 plots. Four of those plots are assigned to the District Town Hall, with the remaining 21 plots available for the District to add buildings and infrastructure that support the District as a whole. In map view, you will see various buildings all around you, representing other players who have chosen the same Realm and District as you. Over time, these buildings will change as your District qualifies to Level Up so it can add higher-level buildings. Our goal is to make your District more than just a map but a hub where you will be able to socialize, negotiate, and talk strategy with your fellow neighbors.

  6. Novo Exchange: Click on the Icon showing all the resources with the arrows to reach the Novo Exchange. Here you will be able to Buy Obsidian with resources you have earned or Sell Obsidian to receive resources you might need to support you in the game.

  7. Map Filters: In the bottom right corner, you will see your Realms Icon as well as your District number. In addition, there are also some map filters that you can click on to find things faster on the map. Let's review each of these.

Firstly the Realm Icon in the center. By clicking on it you will be taken back to the District view of the Novopangea Map. You might be looking to grab a land plot in District 2 of the Earth Realm for example and so by clicking on the Earth Icon as you see in the image above you will be taken back to the District Map View.

At the top of the set of three icons is the Building Filter. This will show all the assets that you presently have staked to the map. The map below shows three various examples of what you will see when you click this filter.

Example 1 shows the land square and the building illuminated. This indicates that you own the land and the building.

Example 2 shows the land square illuminated but the building is grey. This indicates that you own the land and your land is being rented by another player with their building added.

Example 3 shows the building illuminated only. This indicates that you are renting land from another player and you have added your building to their land.

The Jobs Icon (Pickaxe and Obsidian) filters for buildings that currently have jobs available. You can click on this filter and quickly see buildings that are looking for Skilled Workers as they will show a little sign with the wage being offered.

The Remove Buildings Icon (eye with slash) is a filter to hide the tops of the buildings. If you have land that is being blocked by taller buildings like the Town Hall for example. You can click on this filter to take away the top of the building so you can easily access those land squares or buildings if needed.

In the "Managing you're In Game Assets" section we will review the other in game UI's to cover off on how you will manage your assets within the game.

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