District Residency

Adding Your First Asset

Your home residency will not be determined until you add your first asset to the game. The following actions will trigger selecting a District as your residence.

  • Adding a Land Claim to the District map.

  • Adding a Building to a rented piece of land.

  • Adding one of your Skilled Workers to a building.

Your home district is not set in stone you can change it after 30 days.

You are free play other NFT assets you own in other Districts. So for example you may be a resident of Earth Realm District 1 but decide you want to to setup land and a building in Earth Realm District 2. For MVP you can only play within the same realm. Realm permits will be coming post MVP launch where you will be free to setup business operations in other realms.

Why might someone want to change their District residency

  • They don't like the people they are playing with.

  • They don't like the plots that they had to add assets to.

  • Once resident taxation is implemented they may not be happy with the rate of tax being charged by their District.

Change district

Change your home district by clicking on town hall at center of a district and select "MAKE HOME DISTRICT". Town hall in the big building on brown/grey ground in center of each district.

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