Town Hall

Town hall is a building present in every district in the center (on the brown ground) and are independents between districts.

Town hall level

Leveling up town hall allow players in the district to upgrade game assets on next levels.

See upgrades requirements for assets here.

To reach next level on a town hall, players need to stake $NOVO tokens :

LevelUpgrade Cost $NOVOUnlocksMin Players Staking





level 4 buildings & sws 12 hour rests for sws




level 5 buildings & sws 28 day land rental agreements


Players can help each others to reach NOVO amount requirements.

The minimum amount to stake is 200 NOVO tokens.

Players will have a minimum needed to stake for each level town hall to take advantage of that district benefits.

Please see "NOVO Token" section to understand how to acquire them.

Town hall interface

Access Town Hall interface :

To access interface click on Town Hall at center of a district.

Interface is then represented as follow :

  1. Change your home district. You are allowed to change it once every 30 days.

  2. NOVO tokens staked in this district. NOVO tokens you have staked in this district. 2 buttons to stake or unstake NOVO

  3. List of players staking NOVO in this district.


To stake NOVO :

You can now click on "STAKE $NOVO" on Town Hall interface.

You will see this interface that allow you to stake at least 200 NOVO. You can stake as much as you want above this minimum requirement.

Note that once you stake, you will have to wait 30 days to be able to unstake. The timer reset everytime you stake.


Unstaking work the same way :

You will be able to unstake your NOVO tokens once 30 days has passed since your last stake. You can unstake all at once.

Timer to unstake :

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