Wage Settings

Set Wages for Your Building

Click on the Inventory Icon and select the "Set Wage" button for the building you want to set the Wage for.

The "Set Wage Modal" will then be displayed. You will need to determine if the building is for your own team of Skilled Workers or if you plan to use others. Check the box if you are using your own or leave it unchecked to use others.

There is a max cap of 3 Skilled Workers per shift. You will need:

  • 3 Obsidian

  • 45 Energy Resources

  • 45 Building Materials

This covers the cost to fill three shifts. Once the 3 Shifts have been completed you will need to repeat the "Set Wage" action.

What do I do if I don't have 3 Skilled Workers to add to my building?

If you don't have enough of your own Skilled Workers then our suggestion is to always leave the "I plan to use my Skilled Workers" unckecked. Your building will be available for all players to use and you can still add your own worker(s) to the building. You will simply be paying yourself so the net cost is still 0 OBSD.

Cancel Wage Contract in your Building.

Whether you have set up the building to use your own building or to hire it out to other players you can Cancel the Wage contract if there are no Active Shifts. You may have decided to use one of your own Skilled Workers but then change your mind and decide you want to use other player's workers for your building.

You can only complete the Cancel Wage action if there are 0 active shifts in your building. Click on the Inventory Icon and then Buildings. Find the building where you want to cancel the wage contract and then click the "Cancel" button. The building will be completely removed from the plot and you will need to start again. The 50 Materials that you used to prep the land for the building rental will not be refunded so make sure you want to cancel the rental.

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