I am new to Wax. How do I start?

Novopangea is an NFT based game so you might be asking yourself where and do I get my hands on Novpangea NFTs? We wrote an entire Whitepaper which covers off on the entire Novopangea project. You can find the Whitepaper here >> We cover off on all aspects of the project including a how to get started section which will walk you through how get NFTs by purchasing packs and converting them for Creator Credits or by purchasing them on the secondary market through Atomic Hub. Click here to go the section >>
The Whitepaper will give you a good overview of the key resources and assets of the game. This game guide will then get more into the specifics of what do do with them in the game play.

I am brand new to the Wax Blockchain

If you are brand new to the Wax blockchain you are going to need a Wax Cloud Wallet or an Anchor Wallet.
I suggest you watch the videos below as these have the latest updates on how to setup a Wax based wallet. There is a cost to setup a Wax Cloud Wallet or an Anchor Wallet and we cover off on both below:

Wax Cloud Wallet Setup

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Anchor Wallet Setup